High Pressure, Stainless, Dry Break Couplings
HP Series Features:

Series HP06, 38"
Series HP08, 12"
Series HP12, 34"
Series HP16, 1"
General Description

Battlefield’s high-pressure, low-profile drybreak HP (High Pressure) series quick disconnect is the only high pressure quick connect fluid coupling series available designed first to meet MIL-DTL-25427B and then sequentially refined further to specifically meet the unique harsh requirements of the Military Land Systems Industry. Real world testing across all body sizes on prototype Land Systems vehicles enabled systematic refining through several design improvement steps on every HP body size. This multi-vetting design approach ensures flawless function in this most demanding and “extreme-application” Land System theater. Land System OEM’s that choose Battlefield LS series quick couplers will require fewer spares and experience less coupler-related vehicle down time reducing repair requirements over the life of their programs.


We offer competitive pricing while delivering the highest level of quality, fit and finish in short delivery times unheard of in this industry. No-charge samples are quickly supplied to Land Systems customers at their request. Custom end connects requested do not affect price or delivery because we expect your engineering department to drive our product configurations, not the other way around. After all, you are the customer. Unlike other aerospace coupling manufacturers, we have a strict policy to never discontinue a product item or product group that is specified into any military application so you can be sure that spares will be available for as long as your vehicles are serving in theater.

Our highly efficient overall product measurements include the lightest weight design possible while still ensuring military robustness. This efficiency enables Land Systems Designers to apply the weight savings achieved through the use of our HP product where it counts most.

Minimal pressure drop arrives in a military aerospace-grade fit and finish detail not previously available. The set can be connected against a closed system, has no seal transition and provides a green color-coded positive connection indication. We offer a smooth, push-to-connect feature that is ideal for one hand operation when one half is fixed. In addition to product features, Battlefield meets MIL-Q-9858A quality control system and exceeds MIL-I-45208 inspection system.

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