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Road Trip, Day 2
November 6, 2018
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Battlefield International believes in building a strong team that fully understands the critical nature of the work they do and the reasons why we need every one of our assembly and machining group to make everything perfect. On day two of the Best Defense show, we engaged our Coupler Assembly Team, Quality Inspection and some key Machining staff. Our Land Systems and Marine specific designed couplers must function flawlessly to support our peace keepers and warfighters who are often in harm's way. Attending this show and tour enabled our team to grasp the seriousness of their work application in the field. On day 2 of the Best Defence show, Battlefield officially presented at the Technical Showcase and explained our firms capabilities to a large crowd of Canadian Military personnel and other defense industry contractors as we continue to move forward quickly with our goal in becoming the world standard quick connect coupling for Land Systems and Marine.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
December 24, 2021
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Major Production Hardware Award
November 4, 2021
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Team Battlefield
November 4, 2021
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