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Battlefields strategic purchase of the Cayuga Display facilities was to ensure our capacity for production has room to grow to meet the expected increase in demand from our customer base. The purchase includes 9000 additional square feet of office and 20,000 additional square feet of production facility. We wish our friends at Cayuga Display well as they are in the process of turning a beautiful new huge warehouse facility into Cayuga's finest and most modern plant/office complex. (Yes we are envious!)

Battlefield International Inc. had the pleasure of a visit with Mr Matsuura from Japan. We now have two Matsuura brand machines and he agreed to sign our latest and greatest Matsuura 5 axis mill with 330 tool quantity capacity and a 12 station pallet changer here in Cayuga moments ago. His signature can be seen just above Mr Matsuura’s head.

We are pleased to announce our acquisition of a Rubber bonding machine produced by REP in France. This process is sometimes called an “overmolding" and enables us to form our own seals from raw material. For critical applications, we form and bond seals to our metal parts by placing our parts in a mold and injecting forming and curing seals permanently bonded to our valves. This will greatly improve our lead times to the UAV and Land Systems Defense industry.

Steve Fenton (on right) at DSEI in London UK reviewing our products with an exciting new customer.

Steve and Fadi from Battlefield at DSEI found a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. Best wings on planet earth. Think very Juicy!

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