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Had our first ventilator MVAC assessment today at Hamilton General. We were there three hours and the medical staff were taught how to use the device. They made some minor requests for some code changes but all in all, the assessment was a great success. Several doctors came by to see it and we left one there for continued assessment. We now are confident that once we make the suggested updates to the program, that our MVAC could fill a need should we reach a place where there was an urgent shortage of ventilators. We were able to demonstrate our patient instigated breath timing mode as well.

We need to thank Alectra Utilities and Mike Montgomery for their critical assistance in helping us realize our ventilator. This COVID 19 pandemic has been a terrible blow to the world. There are glimmers of "good" that comes from the hearts of individuals and their corporations who want to make a difference. Alectra Utilities has shown they are more than a "bottom line" company in providing their capable team member Mike to us to populate our MVAC electronics cards while paying his wages to assist us. You can see how tiny some components are that Mike is working with in the attached pic. Our country needs more corporations like Alectra Utilities that are run by people who have true hearts for their community.

The Sachem has put together a news story regarding our Manual Ventilator Automation Control design and effort. Read the article here:

CHCH News stopped by Battlefield today to experience our new MVAC manual ventilator automation control unit designed to assist with the Covid pandemic.

Here is where we are with our manual ventilator automation project. This is a render and not a photo. Changes from this image include adding carrying handles, and the control panel will have a slightly different layout and we will mark the function of the switches and dials with bright white laser marking. We are presently completing the electric circuitry, and we are going to add a mode that enables the patient's natural breathing to control the pulses. When the patient begins naturally drawing in air, a pressure sensor uses that to signal an assisted breath. By tomorrow, we should have more than half of the raw materials here for the 100 unit production. Trying to get this done quick, but also make it the way it should be made.

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