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Battlefield purchased the Ace Hardware building located at 86 Munsee Street North on Sept 16th 2019. This facility was acquired in order to provide us with the short term additional space required to assist us in meeting our accelerated input of long term new orders. Battlefield's assembly, test and main product shipping department will be moving to this location to free up some more room for additional CNC machinery at our main 1664 Kohler Road facility.

Battlefield recently purchased the property to the south of us directly beside our main 1664 Kohler Road location here in Cayuga. This 1656 Kohler-road property purchase will enable us to amalgamate that land parcel into our current address and then construct a meaningful expansion to attach to our present facility. We are presently in the midst of Planning talks with the town of Haldimand towards dramatically increasing the square footage of our facility to meet the current growth trend of our customer demands and increase our staff count.

Battlefield was honoured to be invited to this years GDLS Canada Supplier Conference in London, ON. Supply Chain and Engineering teams reviewed some exciting new developments coming up over the next several years. We were fortunate to end up at a table with our friends from North American Controls, Michigan.

September 12, 2019

Battlefield is taking in the massive defense display that includes inside booths, outside land systems demonstrations along with impressive marine offerings docked on the Thames. Our critical global customer relations are strengthened as our key contacts converge in London.

Battlefield has officially unveiled the 2020 part catalogue at this year's DSEI conference. Our new catalogue features never before seen upcoming product series, along with specifications from our current quick disconnects, valves and control linkages. Download our Catalogue:

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